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The Executive Data Science Capstone, the specialization’s culminating project, is an opportunity for people who have completed all four EDS courses to apply what they've learned to a real-world scenario developed in collaboration with Zillow, a data-driven online real estate and rental marketplace, and DataCamp, a web-based platform for data science programming. Your task will be to lead a virtual data science team and make key decisions along the way to demonstrate that you have what it takes to shepherd a complex analysis project from start to finish. For the final project, you will prepare and submit a presentation, which will be evaluated and graded by your fellow capstone participants. Course cover image by Luckey_sun. Creative Commons BY-SA
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21 de ene. de 2021

Wow! This is the most fun and creative Capstone I have ever done! I only wish it was longer 😊. I really appreciate the work/effort put into this and the entire Specialization. Awesome job guys!! 🎉


21 de oct. de 2019

The Executive Data Science Capstone was so much fun, while I was doing it I was really feeling like I am a data manager and managing the data science team in real life. So interesting it was.

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por Martijn T


13 de jun. de 2017

Nice try to set something interactive up .. but the capstone it is nothing more than that. All 5 courses could have formed a first module of the specialization "Executive Data Science" leaving room for much more project management related issues to be dealt with as well (just a thought). Feels like this specialization was just made to show off to other universities that "everything" was covered by JHU.

I managed to complete the entire specialization within the 7 days trial period and as a result paid not a single dime for it. Compare this to "JHU Data Science" specialization that takes months to complete (sweat, tears, swears and even RSI). Turns out sweat and tears are much more satisfactory!

por Pallav K


22 de oct. de 2019

The Executive Data Science Capstone was so much fun, while I was doing it I was really feeling like I am a data manager and managing the data science team in real life. So interesting it was.

por Dirk


3 de sep. de 2016

Total disappointment. This was only clipping through a tool, not a real capstone project.

por Thomas N


16 de ene. de 2017

This required nearly no effort and is probably of little value in the real world.

por Manish K


4 de jul. de 2020

Very nice course!!!

It was just an amazing experience of me doing this project!!

Loved it

Thanks a lot to all the instructors :)

por martin k


29 de mar. de 2016

Disappointing, thought it would be more involved, perhaps with a real presentation graded by other participants in the course. Was interesting to watch the videos, but it was a 10 minute job. The other parts were OK, but after the Capstone I would hesitate to recommend the course.

por Giuseppe L


10 de oct. de 2019

Great experience. It will be fun to be deeply engaged in similar projects to the Zillow one.

At present, I will continue leveraging all the lessons learnt and share the good words instead of buzz words.

By the way, the question about what to do with the data set has two misspells: "Incorperate" should be "Incorporate".

Looking forward to staying engaged.



por Lam C V D


14 de ago. de 2020

The test is shorter than I expected, less than 15 mins I complete. From my data science student experience, this course(s) are geared for Data Science Lead or Manager, my opinion is the person must have data science + data engineering experience to be able to lead and advise fellow coworkers.

por Kerdia J


21 de ene. de 2021

Wow! This is the most fun and creative Capstone I have ever done! I only wish it was longer 😊. I really appreciate the work/effort put into this and the entire Specialization. Awesome job guys!! 🎉

por Madhan D


6 de ago. de 2020

Yeah , this course generally checks the basic understanding and the intuition you have built on the data science projects. It's designed very well.

por Rogelio C G


20 de jul. de 2020

Loved the way this capstone worked. It was innovative, unique and real life based. Excellent capstone for an excellent specialization.

por Ajay K S


8 de jul. de 2020

Excellent , It is nice to have this small interaction but a feedback would help like me in great way.

por Brett M


18 de may. de 2016

I wasn't as challenged as I thought I would be with the Capstone course.

por suman c


24 de mar. de 2018

It was too easy. :)

por Hajime O


28 de mar. de 2016

Thanks for creating short course for busy business pearson.

But, it is too gamificate to (professional business managers) educate. In addition, this is the lack of contents.

For improvement this course, I strongly recommend you to add create presentation and peer review assignments. This is the issue of the Coursera( included other MOOCs) Open Access Education philosophy.

por Saayid H A


7 de may. de 2017

I love the capstone as a learning experience. Previously, there has been talk of the limitations of online learning relative to traditional learning institutions. This learning experience clearly demonstrates the possibilities. The use of video, and decision making dichotomies to simulate the cognitive and social experience of managing a data science team in real organization was beautiful. My only critique was that given the near flawless design of the simulation, I would have enjoyed a more challenging problem, or a continued sequence of increasings challenging problems building on the one already presented. Thank you for this learning experience.

por Jill M W


7 de ago. de 2017

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of this Capstone! I found myself nervous to not make a mistake as a manager because I am use to doing it myself and mining the data in order to make a decision. I liked seeing how I need to trust the skills of my team and the opinion of my team. I would like to think I could recognize when the employee's performance or recommendations are showing signs of lack of knowledge or will to do the work even though that was not in the exercise. But then again. management is an art just like data science.

por tommy c


23 de may. de 2016

great for existence human and android based life-form simulation internal lifestyle...

The course improves life within the simulation 10 fold at least(when combined with the other specialization courses) ...

Perfect learning tool for those who have worked professionally in research field sin our simulation and yet now have a touch of "the turrings" or you know : CBI...

Special thanks to the designers of the course.

Top scores for &John Hopkins ...

por Mahmut B


5 de feb. de 2017

Although it felt strange viewing pre-recorded videos who address me as a team member, and although I had difficulties to into this 'I am now the manager' role, I somehow liked the people recorded and I liked the sequence of the capstone. It wasn't difficult, it was overall just enough to achieve learning. I am actually quite impressed where online learning goes. Well done to all designers of the module!

por José A R N


9 de jul. de 2017

My name is Jose Antonio. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to get new knowledge about Big Data and better understand the technology and your practical applications.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by teachers.

Congratulations to Coursera team and Instructors.


Jose Antonio

por Kyle C


10 de jun. de 2018

Great overview of managing data science. I especially appreciated the capstone simulation - I failed at multiple questions when I tried to apply my knowledge from the course and learned pretty quickly that my assumptions about what model was best were flat out wrong. It was great to get to apply what I read and watched over the specialization to a real-world scenario.

por Adeyinka O


30 de nov. de 2021

It's no gainsaying, the Executive Data Science Specialization couldn't have been more fun and a real life experience leading a data science team, without this Executive Data Science Capstone. It brings to bear decision-making skills in the structure of data science projects and opportunity to harness additional knowledge in model assessment and decisions.

por Spencer S


24 de feb. de 2022

Easily the best part of this specialization. I wish the earlier courses had focused more on the managerial aspects of data science, like this capstone project does, as opposed to the more technical side. High-level summaries of data science techniques coupled with cost/benefit discussions from a management perspective would have been more valuable.

por Douglas H


19 de dic. de 2020

An excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the previous four courses.

I now have the confidence to build and manage a data science team, establish programmes enabling measurable business growth, and maintain focus and resolve issues towards a successful outcome.

I'd like to thank all the instructors for a very helpful course.

por Katherine d T


6 de jun. de 2017

SO useful to have real decisions to make (in this course). The online format was surprisingly good... it felt surprisingly 'real', with the videos (eg of the data scientists). Then when my supervisor congratulated me on a job well done and said there'd be a party next week, seriously I was flooded with happiness.