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Acerca del Curso

This course teaches you the simple principles expert managers use to improve and motivate employee performance. You’ll never have to avoid telling an employee “the truth” again, because the seven techniques we teach will not make employees defensive or afraid. As a manager, or someone who would like to be a manager, you’ll also learn specifically what feedback is, how negative feedback is weighed more heavily than positive, and how positive feedback can super-charge behaviors such as creativity and teamwork. Giving feedback is a skill which develops over time. We give you a process you can use to improve your feedback skills and deliver it with confidence. You will find that there is a scientific basis for many of your observations and intuitions about feedback—such as, it is hard to give correctly, people don’t like it, and more. This will be reassuring as you learn how to overcome these difficulties. We hope you have a fantastic time becoming a better manager!...

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30 de abr. de 2021

This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!


18 de abr. de 2021

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. I particularly enjoyed the bits of psychological research shared in the content.

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por Ritvik A

27 de jun. de 2021

nice explanation of the videos. visually attractive and descriptive. questions were great as well. learnt a lot of stuff. teaches you what, when, where, why, and how to give correct feedback

por Rosanna D M

26 de jun. de 2021

I learned a lot from this course. It gave the psychological background in addition to instructions in how to give feedback. Learning the Why made me understand the What so much better.

por Kasia M

5 de feb. de 2016

This is the BEST online course I've taken on Coursera - or any other online platform for that matter. I appreciate the care taken to script each lesson and I also like the animation that kept me engaged. There's nothing worse than listening to an instructor who's not even prepared and is "just sitting there" in front of a camera.

I also liked the final PDF documents. I plan on applying what I learned from this course at work.

por Bruno C

3 de dic. de 2016

Excellent course. I started it being a bit skeptical, just with the intention to go quickly through some video scripts. but I changed my mind. There is so much to learn here

por Oliver O

3 de may. de 2019

This course is great for me for two reasons: Its has a powerful 'why' for effective feedback process and a very convincing and practical 'how' of giving feedback - It has left me with practical execises to practise the skill and sharpen my acumen

por Laurem C

19 de abr. de 2021

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. I particularly enjoyed the bits of psychological research shared in the content.

por Natalie N

30 de abr. de 2021

This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!

por Tran T M L

13 de jun. de 2020

there are so much use cases that i can apply in my life. thanks so much for giving the psychology know how into the lecture to help us in understanding the root course

por Debasish S

7 de sep. de 2017

Great Course. I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot. The most imporatnt part is that I enjoy every bit of the session and completed everything less than a week. :)

por Anna v H

4 de ene. de 2021

The course is very to the point and has a good structure. It does not only teach you how to provide proper feedback, but also how to provide feedback to different type of employees.

por Farid A K

12 de dic. de 2016

A must take for any person wanting to be Task Team Leader or Manager. :)

por Carlyn T F

8 de feb. de 2021

It concise and direct to the point however see this more of western oriented and may not always be applicable to Asian culture such as the Philippines. Nonetheless, I find it helpful.

por Sarah C Y

1 de oct. de 2020

Some of the material on this course was useful, especially the parts on positive expectations. However, overall it was geared towards more traditional, corporate environments and was less helpful to the kind of tech companies where I work. Some of the advice given would have been actively unhelpful if I implemented them at work.

I wish there had been an emphasis on understanding why an event has occurred, as well as bringing curiosity and empathy to feedback conversations. I've found books like "Thanks for the Feedback" and "Radical Candor" to be more much more helpful.

por Matthew H

9 de jun. de 2019

This course is presented in a very clear and easy to digest format. Tracy explains quite complex concepts in plain english and with excellent examples. It is directed more at the business community, but the principles can be directed toward any speciality. I did this course as I wish to improve the feedback given to medical and surgical trainees. It has given me a whole new perspective on feedback, and I will be passing on what I have learned to my colleagues. This will be of significant benefit to the development of the trainees coming through.

por Dawn R

28 de mar. de 2019

Giving Helpful Feedback takes a very practical approach to giving feedback . The content and delivery style were easy to follow. the suggestions can be applied in a number of situations that where you challenged with providing feedback.

por Osypchuk A

31 de mar. de 2020

I enjoyed the course. It was logical well-structured and well researched. I also feel that it increased my competences in giving positive and negative feedback.

por Luann T

28 de jun. de 2019

This course is difficult for me to rate until I've had at least a month of practice so I can see if it has truly been useful or not. I did enjoy the course, however, and found it to be helpful in theory. I recommend viewing this course week by week and putting each week's lessons to practice instead of watching it one sitting as I did. The only thing missing for me was a list of recommended reading.

por Sofia S

31 de mar. de 2018

This is an excellent course especially for professionals, but can also be applied in everyday life situations. The instructor is great, explains the material clearly, with plenty of examples and practice. The 7 step method she introduces seems simple and highly effective, plus a lot of additional resources are provided to help students achieve a long term change in how they perceive and give feedback. If i had to point out a single drawback, it is that the instructor mostly looks at the script and not the camera, whereas "eye contact" is plays a role in my opinion in establishing a connection with the viewers/ students.

Overall, i consider this a great course, with a great instructor and i would recommend it to anyone!

por Soraya V S d S

2 de mar. de 2021

The course scores many different things than what I had already learned in other courses. I really liked the format of the material and the discussions pointed out.

It would be interesting to give more examples of feedbacks and mainly to include words preferably we cannot use in feedbacks. I say this, because certain words erase the sense of feedback, for example, "Martha, you are punctual at work, BUT ....

This "but" disturbs the employee's head, and often, from this moment on, the employee no longer has credibility in his words.

por Sanjay B

12 de may. de 2021

this is an ultimate course. I've learnt lot of things like receiving feedback ,how to convert NEGATIVE feedback to hardwork , giving +VE AND -VE feedback etc.. this course is very helpful for me and thanks to coursera for giving this course for free on April month 2021.

por Sheetal G

4 de jun. de 2021

The course was good but I was very disappointed as I did not get a certificate of completion with my grade as promised. I am not sure whom I can follow up with as well. Would be great if someone could get back to me regarding this.

por Farooq A R

11 de jul. de 2020

I am a professional with around 20 years of experience working in a developing country. I am a published researcher and speaker at international conferences. I will admit openly that I was never formally trained in the art of giving effective feedback and this course has helped me a lot. I know the difference between negative and positive feedback and the important 7 components of giving effective feedback. The speaker is knowledgable and explains all the steps very well. Slides and videos are also very helpful and the quizzes aid in retaining the important concepts. A highly recommended 5 start course for professionals and parents

por Tchela P C D S

3 de may. de 2016

É um curso rápido e achei muito benéfico para quem quer algumas dicas de como ser mais eficiente no acto de dar feedback. Faz-nos reavaliar a nossa capacidade de dar feedback e também pensar no poder que as palavras têm na pessoa que vai receber o feedback.

O curso lista 7 pontos que devemos ter em mente para tornar o processo de dar feedback mais profissional e eficiente, e aumentar as chances do feedback ser bem recebido e motivar a pessoa que recebe a melhorar o seu comportamento/performance.

por Koketso M

26 de may. de 2022

This course was helpful. It made me realise the importance of feedback on students and the same skill can be used when I have to manage my colleagues. The one aspect that stood out for me was sandwiching negative feedback with positive feedback. Another aspect was about Intellectual Blossomers case study. As lecturers, sometimes we tend to be slightly bias based on the performance of students who may have participated well in the previous assessment.

por Michael H

14 de mar. de 2020

Great short course! I was able to easily fit all the mini-lectures into my busy schedule by watching them while on public transit to work and uni allowing me to make greater use of my time! The courses are so informative and delivered in a way that is engaging, memorable, clear and concise. The course was short but I was able to learn something and apply my new skills into practice at my workplace! Thank you Tracy Jennings for a great course!