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Apply the skills you learned during the sequence of courses -- from needfinding to visual design -- as you redesign a new interface, service, or product for your Interaction Design Capstone Project. We’re working with some exciting design teams in Silicon Valley across multiple industries to develop real-world design challenges for this final project. Upon completion, you will have a polished capstone project you can share in your design portfolio to highlight your work and document your design process....

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5 de dic. de 2018

This course provides you step-by-step approach from ideation to the complete prototype. It helped to build my confidence for future design projects, and there are still a lot left too learn.


2 de abr. de 2018

Awesome experience. What I loved the most was getting classmates from all around the world and getting enriched with their wide insights and points of view.

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por Ryan S

2 de dic. de 2016

If your goal is to just get a certificate to put on your resume, this specialization will check the box. The assignments are poorly thought out, overly rigid for requiring very specific methods and mediums, and the peer review system is kind of a joke. If you're sincerely interested in learning IXD and creating a high quality portfolio piece, this course is moderately helpful toward that end, but you'll need to supplement it with lots of outside reading and in person coursework to really get where you want to be. If you're weighing whether to attend an in-person course or program or go with this specialization to save some $, just know that you'll get what you pay for.

por Eva H

27 de ene. de 2019

Overall it's an excellent specialisation, it has good materials and videos.

I enjoyed all courses, and particularly the capstone, where you put in practise all things learnt along the way, and provide solutions for real users problems. The way assignments are reviewed could be improved, may be having a more thorough process, but in general it's a good system.

Completing this specialisation (together with the Graphic Design and UI Design Specialisations) helped me to land my first job as a UX Designer!

Recommended 100%

Thank you!

por Miryana T

14 de nov. de 2016

Never before have I had to create so many fake accounts, nor write so many long and laborious manuscripts to be able to complete the assignments. There were also so many problems with this last and final Capstone project - delay in start date, plague of technical issues from Coursera, lack of support from teaching staff (and Coursera) when issues were experienced, and instructions that were not clear enough at times. I'm very much glad to be done, and congratulations to all of you who made it through this last and arduous process. Job well done!

por Lisa D

26 de ene. de 2017

Confusing assignment instructions were frustrating. The lack of response to questions was disappointing and stressful. I took the HCI course in 2014 that was precursor to this certificate program and it had a better flow and more organized.

por Jayneil D

24 de may. de 2018

After all the hard work, the certificate that came back had the wrong body copy. Instead of describing the skills I had learned in the course it was just a copy and paste of the course description. A years hard work to see that the Coursera can't even get the certificate right. I dont think I am going to recommend this course to anyone else.

por Wesley S

17 de nov. de 2016

chaotic organization, unclear instructions, and confusing due dates; I would not recommend such specialization

por Alfredo H

3 de jun. de 2019

Excellent course. The step process is very detailed and fun. The interaction I had with my classmates were very positive and constructive as well as the assignment and amount of information offered thruout the course. I learned how to put my thought in order and develop from low fidelity to high fidelity. Also, user testing and feedback was something that I felt was very important to learn in this course because I was able to understand my design better and saw things I was not able to see on my own.

por Anuja U

3 de may. de 2017

This course is a must for all who want to be designers. It takes you through all the design process. Although the course work recommends keeping aside 4 hours per week, I would suggest keeping 20 hours/ week. It can get strenuous, but it is totally worth it.

por Ty

9 de jul. de 2019

I feel like 8 weeks was too short and the project was too rushed. But overall of good value.

One thing I would add as part of the final as a requirement is to create a UX Portfolio for the final project from the concept to design.

This would not only be a great UX skill but will also help the interested candidate in helping them land a job.

por Azusa W

17 de sep. de 2018

The statistics and last modules make me nuts. The instructions in many exercises are not clear and the time you will spend in each task you can easy double it. Anyway, can't complain, I learned a lot.

por riley i

20 de jul. de 2016

Quite disappointed, I thought we'd have something more structured or at least different from the previous courses.

The content is here and good, but I was expecting reviews from pro U.X and not student like the previous courses.

The good upgrade though is that we have clear examples of submission before we send ours.

por Andrea L

17 de jun. de 2016

This course was delivered 6-months behind schedule and the assignments half-way through the course can't even be completed due to technical problems and sloppy content. When students try to seek support to fix the issues, nothing is done and they receive no response. The specialization started so well, but the care that was taken to craft the specialization course content in the beginning has been lost in the later courses.

por Jasmin S

9 de jul. de 2017

Just a terrible Support!

I made a thread in the forum and nobody even tried to help me from the team!!!

Also the assignments and pdf's are terrible explained! I had problems now a week long and nobody helped me - and there I wasnt the only one!

If i wont get any answers until tuesday, i stop doing this Project and delete my coursera account!


por Noliani C

2 de abr. de 2018

Awesome experience. What I loved the most was getting classmates from all around the world and getting enriched with their wide insights and points of view.

por Cristine L M

12 de feb. de 2019

I find this course very challenging mostly because of the amount of work that needs to be done. However, at the end of it, I appreciate how much I've actually accomplished. There are a lot of topics covered. However, not enough time to go through in detail about each one. A lot of self-study is required to excel in this course. But it's enough to get you started in UX Design.

por Audrey T

31 de may. de 2020

It was a nice challenge to undertake the Capstone Project in Interaction Design. I learned a lot throughout the process and different well developed steps to reach the final project. I had fun on this journey from interviewing the users to making the video that wrapped up the idea. I am more motivated now than ever to go deeper into this field. Thank you to the inspiring speakers and teachers!

por Jaime Z

30 de nov. de 2016

The capstone project has been a work in which I had to think deeply and use the skills learned throughout the course. I finished with a prototype that I will evolve and make it a product.

It has been an amazing ride. Thanks to my fellow classmates and professors, specially Scott Klemmer for making this program alive and all the and knowledge shared.

por Kathy S

24 de ene. de 2017

Thank you very much Prof. Scott Klemmer and other professors for your detailed and patient teaching and all the classmates for helping me during the process of study on Interaction Design in the past year. I've learnt a lot and I've made many friends! Glad to have been part of this study group! I'll keep learning here!

por Mansi T

19 de oct. de 2017

A great course to be able to step through a real life project in a safe environment with lots of feedback.

The fact that you end up with a full process, prototype and write up of the project means you have to put very little extra effort to build up your portfolio.

por Kate K

1 de jul. de 2021

I am very pleased to complete the Interaction Design specialization at the University of San Diego California. Thank you, Scott Klemmer, for this opportunity, design inspiration, and fantastic course! Looking forward to my new adventures in design.

por Weronika G

20 de sep. de 2018

The Capstone project was a great summary of everything we were able to learn during the entire Specialization. It's also a chance to create a project for your portfolio. And don't be fooled by the 10-week time span - there's always not enough time.

por Ymmannuelle V

22 de oct. de 2017

Lots of hardwork required but very enjoyable and worth it. Some assignment instructions may need to be revisited though as they could get confusing (e.g. saying to put deliverables in different pdf but the actual submission page only accepts one).

por Jared G

21 de ago. de 2019

This was my favorite part of the specialization as you get to roll up your sleeves and walk through nearly the entire process of interaction design by actually making something and watching it progress.

por Jaime F V

3 de may. de 2017

Amazing journey in interaction design.

Find your self discovering ideas for doing things that you did not expect.

Start small, grow, and get amazed where your ideas can lead you to.

Very good course!

por Tam N

6 de dic. de 2018

This course provides you step-by-step approach from ideation to the complete prototype. It helped to build my confidence for future design projects, and there are still a lot left too learn.