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This course introduces you to the core concepts, processes, and tools you need to know in order to get a foundational knowledge of data engineering. You will gain an understanding of the modern data ecosystem and the role Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts play in this ecosystem. The Data Engineering Ecosystem includes several different components. It includes disparate data types, formats, and sources of data. Data Pipelines gather data from multiple sources, transform it into analytics-ready data, and make it available to data consumers for analytics and decision-making. Data repositories, such as relational and non-relational databases, data warehouses, data marts, data lakes, and big data stores process and store this data. Data Integration Platforms combine disparate data into a unified view for the data consumers. You will learn about each of these components in this course. You will also learn about Big Data and the use of some of the Big Data processing tools. A typical Data Engineering lifecycle includes architecting data platforms, designing data stores, and gathering, importing, wrangling, querying, and analyzing data. It also includes performance monitoring and finetuning to ensure systems are performing at optimal levels. In this course, you will learn about the data engineering lifecycle. You will also learn about security, governance, and compliance. Data Engineering is recognized as one of the fastest-growing fields today. The career opportunities available in the field and the different paths you can take to enter this field are discussed in the course. The course also includes hands-on labs that guide you to create your IBM Cloud Lite account, provision a database instance, load data into the database instance, and perform some basic querying operations that help you understand your dataset....

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25 de mar. de 2022

This course is optimal for the foundations and understanding of Data Engineering. Please take it and absorb all the knowledge and be amazed about your future with the Data Engineer certification.


12 de oct. de 2021

I am currently studying Chemical Engineering. However, after going for industry training as a data analyst, I decided to venture more in this direction and I really learn a lot from this course.

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por Jose A

2 de jul. de 2022

Great overall! The viewpoints from data professionals complements the educational content very well and gives the student a much better idea of what the process is to become a data engineer.

por Albert R

26 de sep. de 2021

I felt the course was the perfect introduction for someone like me that has been on the sales side of most software. I feel that it wasnt ovewhelming at all, and I mostly enjoyed the labs.

por ONG H L / U

12 de oct. de 2021

I am currently studying Chemical Engineering. However, after going for industry training as a data analyst, I decided to venture more in this direction and I really learn a lot from this course.

por William W

5 de ago. de 2021

I thought this course was a pretty insightful introduction, but the process of provisioning a DB2 instance on IBM cloud was terrible. The instructions given were simple and straightforward, but my DB2 provisioning process kept failing, and when I went on Coursera's forums, I saw that many others were having this same problem. Eventually I followed some of their advice (that they had acquired through trial and error), and I did successfully provision a database. But when I went to the db's "manage" tab, there was no option to "Open Console."

This is a shame because it made it impossible to do some of the later labs, and honestly it did give me a bit of a negative impression of IBM's cloud services.

por Saúl L

16 de jun. de 2021

Although, It's an introductory curse, the concepts to provides are pretty helpful to know all the data ecosystem, specially the different positions around Data Science. I love the concept to show at the beginning, something like that: "Data Engineer is in charge of the data quality"

Also, involves security, governance and regulatory constrictions. That's why it so demanding about knowledge in tech, methodologies and math.

por Blake G

29 de mar. de 2021

I'm transitioning into a tech career and have found this course helpful. Part of me wants to jump ahead to the other courses in the specialization but I have been learning more about the basics which is good. I'm also only on week 2 so I would imagine the knowledge gets more in-depth in the following "weeks"

I finished this class in one week and I am excited to dive into the python courses.

por Muhammad F R

9 de ene. de 2022

Feeling lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to take this course. This course gave me an overview about Data Engineering. Before taking this course I was wondering what is the difference between DBA, Data Engineer and Data Scientist. Respected Sir Rav Ahuja, Sir Ramesh Sannareddy, and other mentors explained everything beautifully. Now I have a clear overview and a road map for this exciting journey towards becoming a Professional Data Engineer. Thank you :)

por Ayinoluwa K

10 de abr. de 2022

This is a very thorough course, giving you all you need to know about the basics of Data Engineering and what skills you need to equip yourself with to grow in this career. Great Instructors, great content. I enjoyed every bit of the course.

por Dan F

20 de oct. de 2021

This course was well made and informative. I went in knowing little about data engineering and now I have a much better understanding of what data engineering is all about.

por Jeong H K

8 de ene. de 2022

Good class for beginners to build up basic knowledges and backgrounds in Data Engineering. Highly recommend for people to be a data engineer, scientist, and analyst.

por Anirudh S

4 de mar. de 2021

Very informative and well structured course. I recommend this course for every person who aspires to become a Data Engineer :)

por Raúl A S L

17 de oct. de 2021

Es un gran curso, muy informativo. Ahora tengo muy claro que es Data Engineering.

por Lanny R J

11 de mar. de 2021

This course was very easy to follow and learn. The pace was just right and the material was very helpful.

por Colleen O

17 de oct. de 2021

This is listed as a "Beginner" course, but I don't think so. They use terminology, and then don't explain what that terminology means in the moment...if at all. (e.g. API, Relational Database, NonRelational Database, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Lake. Their explanation of Delimeter wasn't good). I have at least a dozen things I had to Google, and I marked them as such.

Things that don't need repeating or further explanation get exactly's very odd.

Also, One of the Practice Quizzes contradicts the Graded Quiz re: whether XML format is used by APIs (I have a screenshot.)

Advice to the Creators:

It's October 2021. Nobody has the bandwidth, spoons, or patience anymore. Hell, we only have the Bones a few days a week, at most. (Pending confirmation from Noodle, of course). TL;DR as much as possible, and CLEARLY EXPLAIN the rest IN THE MOMENT, TO PEOPLE WHO ARE BEGINNERS TO TECH.

Thank you.

por Der H

9 de sep. de 2021

The videos are very nice and give a good introduction into Data Engineering. Unfortunately, literally none of the hands-on exercises worked. In every single one the IBM cloud returned errors and I couldn't proceed. The tutors in the forum suggested to delete the DB and create it from scratch. I learned the basics of data engineering in this course and I learned that the IBM cloud is probably not an reasonable tool to use for it.

por ioana r

25 de oct. de 2022

Do not take this course. It is a waste of time is impossible to complete the course or follow it as there are several errors with creating with an IBM Cloud account ..these errors have been for months and yet not fixed. Don't waste your time. what a joke

por Sabuhi A

4 de oct. de 2022

Where is fucking cancel the course button?!

por pushkar d

8 de may. de 2022

I took this course as part of the "IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate". As mentioned in the title, it is an introductory course and hence was quite theoretical and conceptual.

Even though it is theory, concepts are explained clearly and with examples. The "perspectives" videos from industry professionals make each topic come alive as it feels like you were the one to directly ask the people questions and are listening to their response. It also makes the section less dry.

Overall, I feel confident in my understanding of Data Engineering now. The only nitpick is that there is quite a bit of information to digest and it's better if you take running notes (helps revise for assignments as well)

por Matthew M

21 de ene. de 2023

Introduction to Data Engineering is a very well thought-out online course. It starts exactly where I needed it to start- from the basic "Ecosystem" view. It progresses from there along a sensible and logical learning path. I took full advantage of the Notes tool while watching the videos, which really helped me to slow down and absorb the information.

I really like the Viewpoints videos where there are 4 or so experienced people just talking about the field. These really helped to personalize the experience for me, as each of the speakers feel very realistic, down-to-earth, calm, etc.

The course is interestingly split up into perfect "bite-size" chunks that enabled me to figure out how to pace myself.

por Juan C R

19 de mar. de 2023

Very happy with taking this course as it got me a very in-depth view into what opportunities I could get into through Data Engineering. I found that some minor tweaks could be done to the contents (bullet points in some lecture videos seemed repetitive, and there were some captions that weren't proofread) but overall, I'm very excited to continue on this path. This was a very good lecture to start jumping into it. I also appreciate how the self-paced style allows me to just pass through many topics really quickly. Supplementary readings were really interesting as well.

por Md.Rahim U S

21 de feb. de 2023

Great Learning & gain Exceptional Knowledge The Introduction to Data Engineering, Me to Understand All Areas of Data Engineering Concepts and a solid understanding of the fundamentals of data engineering, big data engineering, and database administration. , This Course Absolute to Right Who wants to be a Data Engineer, Big Data Engineer, DBA & More, This Course to Concept Building Large Scale Data Design & Data Platforms, Thanks a Million & Million to Coursera & IBM to Publish this course

por Zaid S

19 de jun. de 2022

Well Defined Structure in the course defining the essential knowledge one needs to have to start off a career in Data Engineering. Gives information about the tasks that a Data Engineering has to perform as a routine and different specialization that may suite to one's interest as well. Recommended to start with this course to know whta you are getting into if you are planning to become a successful Data Engineer.

por Govardhan V

17 de abr. de 2021

Course is awesome to understand who are already working or who wish to jumpstart their career path in Data Engineering domain to make their decision about 1) which data repository should they used, 2) what kind of data store should be , 3) how to select the their production databased based on their need. Systematic, clean, neat and step by step approach make us easy to learn and remember key artifacts too.

por Aura C

28 de sep. de 2022

From my point of view, it seemed like an excellent introduction that placed me very well in the role of Date Engineer. I have no training in this area, but I have always been interested in Information Technology. I was very satisfied with the content of the course and the way it was presented. It is a very dense material that requires hours of dedication. Thanks for that fantastic job.

por Nina J

13 de mar. de 2022

The course content is a very well-structured, especially for me as a beginner. The viewpoints from the people who working as data engineer was five stars. The text transcript are very helpful too. The instruction for lab session easy to understand, except that some of the image a little blurry (but readable still), so it was okay.