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Volver a python para ciencia de los datos genómica

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This class provides an introduction to the Python programming language and the iPython notebook. This is the third course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University....

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16 de jul. de 2018

A very good course for its length and the amount of time it requires. It improved my python skills and knowledge of Genomics. I'm more engaged in my pursuits than before taking the course.


14 de jul. de 2022

It was easy in the beginning but gets hard and changing at the end.

It was such an honor th have a course with Professor Salzburg.

I would recommend it to all bioinformatics lovers.

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por Brandon W

22 de jul. de 2018

This course started out very good but spiraled out of control quickly. There was no detail in the later materials (Weeks 3 and 4) in uses/applications which made it virtually impossible to finish the course without spending an incredible amount of time outside of the class attempting to learn material. The early quizzes were not bioinformatics focused and required a fairly sophisticated level of machine learning to answer some of the questions. In regards to the later material, there should be much more detail. For example on learning how to create dictionaries. That was AWESOME! But nothing beyond how to create them and how to use them. This is NOT a beginner course. Also, the female instructor was awful, she read from a que so much that it was easier to just download the PDF and read it myself.

por Robert D

17 de jun. de 2019

Class videos provide good information for a beginning programmer, but quizzes are certainly beyond beginner level and cover material not covered in lectures. Potential for a great set of courses, but needs work.

por Konstantinos G

10 de dic. de 2016

The Final Exam was way too difficult compared with the knowledge provided by the lessons.

por Stephanie E

5 de ene. de 2019

A really good class for a complete beginner. The first three weeks was great for anyone that has is a beginner in Python. Although the last week took giant steps and was a little bit unclear, especially with the introduction to Biopython. If you are new with Python, this it is a great course, but be aware of the last week being very difficult! I also hope that there can be another course that could go more in depth and explore the functions of Biopython. But besides the difficulty of the last week, this course was really great.

por Andrew M

13 de may. de 2017

If you don't already know some programming, then don't take this course. Without some idea of the concepts involved when you go in you will be setting yourself up for failure. This course is very poorly taught.

por Diti D

18 de jul. de 2019

Compared to the lectures, the final exam was very difficult. It would be great if the professors provide more practical examples in the lectures similar to exam questions.

por Dennis K

11 de may. de 2018

I learned a lot. The final exam was more difficult than the course content, but I think it was critical for ensuring that I was able to apply the course content.

por Deleted A

13 de abr. de 2016

Errors and glitches in the first two quizes that aren't fixed ('Don't worry, be happy, it's just a formating error, ignore the literal text displayed and just use your imagination to interpret what we thought we meant to say') have left me too unimpressed to spend more time wondering if I need to debug my code or debug their quizes.

There are many other resources for learning python out there, and some of them take pedagogy seriously. Not, it seems, this one.


25 de may. de 2020

First 2 week just python basic learning which I had already learned and its advantage for me.

Got more skills from my acceptation.Looking forward advance course also

por Alfred D

9 de may. de 2021

I just completed this course. To start, it is advertised as an introductory course, but I personally think you need prior python experience to successfully complete and understand everything. On top of that, you need to do a lot of extra research and practice that is outside the scope of the course. This means, studying how to write basic python programs and understand how exactly programs work. The beginning of the course explains the python language and the basics, but a 10 minute lecture does not give you enough knowledge to complete and understand the quizzes. For me personally, I was able to complete most of the quizzes just from being fluent in python, but for a beginner, I can see them having a hard time and struggling. The final exam is actually fairly difficult for those who have never written proper programs or taken some type of python course. In short, I think the lectures do not provide enough guidance or knowledge to complete the assignments, instead, a lot of extra work and research is needed from your end. I still think the course is good in providing an introduction BUT only if you have a strong programming or python background.

por Bryan C

14 de ene. de 2021

Os professores ficam lendo um teleprompter, o que atrapalha muito a didática e o andamento das aulas. Além disso, parece que eles não sabem o que falar se não tiverem o que ler. A dificuldade da avaliação final não condiz com a qualidade das aulas ministradas e a falta de exercícios voltados para a Ciência de Dados Genômicos faz com que o material seja de um curso de programação normal. O tópico mais importante (Biopython) foi abordado em apenas uma aula e sem muito aprofundamento. Enfim, achei o curso frustrante.

The professors keep reading a teleprompter, which greatly interferes with the didactics and the progress of the classes. Besides, it seems that they don't know what to say if they don't have what to read. The difficulty of the final exam is not compatible with the quality of the given classes, and the lack of exercises focused in Genomic Data Science makes the material a normal programming course. The key topic (Biopython) was focused only in one class and without deepening or further development. Finally, I felt this course frustrating.

Videos (Vídeos): **

Didactics (Didática): **

Available material (Material disponibilizado): **

Exercises (Exercícios): 0

Assessment (Avaliações): **

Final exam (Avaliação final): *

Final Grade (avg) (Média final): 1,5 (* 1/2)

por Jitesh D

7 de oct. de 2017

Easy to understand and very powerful examples. Not just it made me familiar with python, it also made it easy for me to teach to my students and inspire them to pursue python further.

por Ezen C

10 de abr. de 2016

final project almost impossible based on lectures

por Tim S

16 de abr. de 2016

In just the first 2 weeks I found several quiz questions that are not correct. Example code in quizzes is not complete. Spacing and indentation are incorrect in quiz samples(I realize this is probably to prevent copy paste testing of code, but you cannot answer is this code correct if you don't know where they wanted indentation to line up). Lecture presentation is not very engaging, almost seems like the female instructor was forced to stand in front of a camera and read note cards. Withdrew early.

por Jia Q

21 de nov. de 2020

This is a very useful course. I wanted to learn some bioinformatics as well as coding and I think this course is a perfect one. After all these lessons, I obtained fundamental coding skills, and I also learnt how to use python for bioinformatics use. This course also provided me some chances to practice (I also realized learning to program is all about practicing and solving the bugs), otherwise, there is no way to pass the quiz and final exam. In my own opinions, the only thing that can be improved for this course is to have some post-quiz feedback sessions to explain the difficult questions in the quiz, because some of the questions are not fully covered in the lectures, even if I got it correct, I'm still not sure that my understanding is correct.

por Keith R

16 de jul. de 2018

A very good course for its length and the amount of time it requires. It improved my python skills and knowledge of Genomics. I'm more engaged in my pursuits than before taking the course.

por Kerry A

6 de sep. de 2020

The final exam was too much of a step up from the course material. Not having official solutions to refer to afterwards also sucks, because I'm not sure how to improve my code. Really struggled with the coursework, and even though I passed the exam I feel quite disappointed.

por Sude E

19 de nov. de 2020

Final was hard and complicated. Not much info is given during course

por Foteini P

22 de jul. de 2020

I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner.

por sachin k

20 de jul. de 2019

This course is really a great help for students like me, but it has many small problem which are. The lectures and the questions asked in quiz are very much like two shore of river did not have practically sounds. the lecture are much more focused towards genomics but really problem of data and how to handle that data need to incorporate in the course.

por Scott E

28 de oct. de 2019

so an incredibly basic intro to python and string manipulation? thanks, guys.


30 de mar. de 2021

For me, this course is wonderful! It introduces almost all basic knowledge about python and combines it with biology and DNA sequencing. And for Biopython, this course gives us more space to explore on our own. The quizzes and the final project are of high quality and somewhat challenging for new-learners, but it feels really satisfying and I did learn a lot after going through all of them!

por Mr. M K S E

17 de may. de 2020

Good to learn the new paradigm of science in my life. Biology and the advanced scripting with Biopython are really interesting. I hope to learn more about the subject in detail.

I love to spend my hours on this course. Learn developed a new way of thinking. Overall great learning from the Professors.Thanks for creating wonderful content.

por Lauriane

13 de nov. de 2017

This course was really excellent! Basic enough for starters and with challenges to put the learned skills into action! The only way to improve this course would be to share the slides to make it easier to browse through the course. THank you very much for this course.

por Pankaj D

8 de ene. de 2022

This course teaches some of the bioinformatics stuff but it is equally good for programming practice too. The final test was a good challenge and even some other tests were challenging and i enjoyed a lot.